Monday, September 03, 2007

My God is a big God!

I have every reason to feel worried, discouraged and frustrated. But I will trust in my God. I will never let them steal my peace and my joy.

Though war breaks out against me, even then will I be confident. I will be secured because my God is sovereign. My God is a big God. There is no one like Him.

How powerful are these people that everyone cringe upon hearing their name? Who are they that they are feared so much? How rich are they that they can buy everything? Are they gods? Is justice for the rich only?

But God said in Proverbs 29:16, When the wicked thrive, so does sin, but the righteous will see their downfall. I still have faith in my God. He is the same God that Abraham, Moses and Isaac worshipped. The same God who brought the Israelites out of Egypt. The same God who parted the red sea. The same God who helped David defeat Goliath. The same God that Paul obeyed and preached.

My God is a big God. My God is greater. There is always a day of reckoning. Who can escape his justice? Can they outgive God? NO. Can they buy God? NO. For me, the Lord is to be feared, not man. Vindication comes from God. Justice comes from Him alone. (Proverbs 29:26 Many seek an audience with a ruler, but it is from the Lord that man gets justice).

There is no Lawyer yet. We don't have money to pursue the case. I do fear for my family's safety. But God is a righteous God. He is faithful. God's word will come to pass.

What can I do now? I will sit back, relax. Pray. Trust God. Honor God. Advance His kingdom.

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she said...


never did know how this blogspot thing works. i mean there was a time i read your blog (a few months back) and i wanted to comment but i dont know how. grabe ganito lng pala. i also maintain a blog but its in multiply kasi. :D

anyways, i really dont know how to say the things i want to say to you since your mom died without sounding..plastic, you know na sinasabi lng un, pero hanggang dun lang - words. i was never good at consoling people who are grieving.

but upon reading your recent post, this is what i want to say - i admire you ate. i mean, you're grieving and all that but still your faith in GOD is so strong you make me feel embarrassed of the level of my faith right now... but you also inspire me even in these "low" times in your life, you inspire people.