Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I miss you mama!

Dear Ma, I am missing you so much. I still cannot sleep at night.
There is a pain I can't describe everytime I remember you.
I miss your phone calls every night.
You, knocking on the gate on a weekend.
You and I and Rhyss malling.
I miss texting you in the morning when I have to cook something I like but don't know how to.
Our "collaboration" against Rianne everytime she "breaks-up" with Homer.
It's silly but I ring your phone just to see your picture on my phone.
I wish I could remove your white hairs again.
I wish to hear your voice again.

Much as we want to fight for you, I get frustrated
The battle is tough. So tough that all I want to do now is wait on God's justice.
But praise God, in Him we have hope.
It really takes GRACE to forgive everyday, love, stand in faith.
I know you are happy where you are now.
But I really miss you sooooo much.

I know I love you. I know we're close.
But it was only when you were gone that I realized that you are one great source of my strength.
You are tough yet so gentle.
Remember how you were touched when I wrote you a letter that I could never be half as you are?
Yes...I could never be half as you are. I could never be strong, patient, kind, generous and loving as you are...but I really thank God for giving me a mother like you.
I miss you so much mama.
I love you very much.

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