Monday, August 31, 2009

teacher, teacher, teacher

di pa ko nakacheck
di pa ko nakapagrecord
di pa ko nakagawa ng exam
cramming, cramming, cramming

di ko na naman nagawa ang paper ko
sa september 21 na last day ng admission
pati letter wala pa din ako
cramming, cramming, cramming

sarap kasing makipagkwentuhan lang kay rhyss
kargahin si bordabee
kumain, matulog
sana, sana, sana
kasana, dito na lang ako sa bahay

bukas tatanungin na naman ako
ano na ang level ng accomplishment?
ung board, gawa na ba? di ko na mamonitor ang massive training kit
ung liquidation natin for the iec ok na ba, nasubmit na ba sa neda?
nakapagsubmit na ba lahat ng reports? sa 5 na ang deadline, huli na naman tayo
wala! wala! wala!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I miss my Mom!

These are one of those days when I wish Mama were still here. One cough she hears on the phone and she would give you a list of do's and dont's, medicines that you can take, and her all time favorite - water therapy! Then the following day, she's already knocking at the door, literally dragging you to go to the doctor.

Yes, that's how mama was. I've been nursing my cough for almost a month now. I went to the doctor this morning (for the 2nd time, now a Pulmonologist) and was given a mask at P5 and gave me medicines not advisable for breastfeeding mothers. He told me - 7 days ka lang namang titigil magbreastfeed. Iniisip ko kasi ikaw. Tingnan mo ang itsura mo o para ka kasing kawawa. Hmmmmpppphhhhh! Tama ba un? Pero naman, in fairness, I really had fever this morning, can't talk properly, can't taste my food, throbbing headache, chest pains. If ony Mama were with me, we would be laughing our heart out after the visit.
Oh well, yes, I'm 31 years old. And I sincerely wish somebody were with me during my check up this morning...and I really trully miss my Mom....

Rianne is making up to it. She's always texting and reminding me how stubborn I am not to go to the doctor immediately.

I hope to rest this weekend. Sana...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Remembering Mama on her birthday

Carlo and I went to the cemetery yesterday. I was so touched to see the following:

So characteristically mama. Notice the cup of coffee? The numbers written there? We really had a good laugh!

Natalo tuloy ang flowers ni Aromin's. For those who remembered, thank you! You really know how to touch a daughter's heart.