Monday, September 10, 2007

A Prayer with Jazel: Lord, Criminal Lawyer Please!

Father, thank you for your grace which never ceases to amaze us
We thank you that we always have hope in You
at this time, we hold fast to the truth that You are a just God
We are entering an unfamiliar ball game
We don't know whom to approach, we don't know who's on our side, we really don't know anything
but what is comforting is we have You on our side
Father, send Christine and her family to the right people who could help them
help us discern which decisions to make
We can't do this on ourselves, direct us to the right contacts, right people, at the right time
and when all these will be done, may the people around us know that You are God
we know that You are using this situation for Your divine purpose, we ask that You be ahead of us in the battle
we pray specifically for the talk of &&&&&& with Atty. &&&&&& this afternoon
we commit all the decisions that they will have to do to You
may the result be one that pleases You
give them wisdom Father, and may integrity prevail
in Jesus' name, Amen.

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