Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas is the time

I miss going home to Mama on a Christmas break; where I do nothing but sit down, sleep, prepare the table, eat and kwento kwento.

I miss opening surprise gifts from Mama and in return, Mama waiting for her gift from "Santa".

I miss the mornings of December 25 where Papa would always wake me up with his stories of how I was born, and him fixing the windows.

I miss Lolo Kito peeping on the door, checking whether the "kids" are already awake.

I miss eating at home without me having to wash the dishes but Lola Febe doing it instead.

I miss my childhood. I miss my family. I miss them so much.

I miss being embraced and hugged by Papa. I miss having late night chit chats with Mama. I miss cleaning Lolo Kito's nails. I miss Lola Febe's pride everytime she comes to know of the little things we do.

As I build my own family, I hope to build good and lasting memories for my children too.