Friday, July 22, 2016


I need one.  
And I need it very badly. 
My husband assured me there is one. But it's not like the one I used back home. 
It has no handle. It is heavy. 
I just want the tabo similar to the ones I have back home. 
A friend said, you have to get used to using the shower to wash everything. 
I cannot. I simply can't. 

I need it to measure my shampoo.  
My mom used to tell me my hair will fall off if I put too much. 
I need it to "kawkaw."
The tabo gives me a feeling of completely cleaning everything. 
I need it to wash my face too!

I will look for one here. 
If I can't see one after a month, I will definitely eat ice cream. 
Look for the best size. 
And will have the tabo I have wanted since day one.