Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Carl Rhyss and Christof Aaron

Yeah right! I'm a proud Mom of two boys!

Why I named my son Christof Aaron

I named him such because his name describes us.

Christof means bearer of Christ...and of course, Rhyss already is Carl. Christof...Christine.
Aaron...yes, he was Moses' right hand. His name also means mountain of strength.

Indeed, God has blessed me so much. I have been through a lot throughout my pregnancy and I have seen God's hand move and I have experienced Him working in my life.

Christof Aaron came at a time when I was experiencing so much loss and so much pain with the death of my Mom and Lola Febe. He came at a time when there was so much turmoil in my marriage, not knowing what to do or who to turn to.

And God showed me clearly just how much grace and love He has for me.

Yes, Kuya Romy and Ate Leila was so right when they said my baby is more than a conqueror. Looking back now, I wouldn't have survived and my baby wouldn't be this healthy if it were not for the strength that God has given.

Indeed, I am so blessed to have children like Rhyss and Aaron.

Kaya sila tinawag na mag-ama

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh Rhyss!!!

Rhyss, will you please come here.
Why Mama?
I miss you, I want to embrace and kiss you.
Why do you miss me, we're in the same country naman e.


Ma, I miss Rianne.
Why do you miss her, you're in the same country right?
(then pretended not to hear anything)


Mama, I'm going to miss you if you go to work and I go to school.
Why anak, di ba we live in the same country naman?
Nooooo! What I mean was we live in the same city, in the same house!!!


Rhyss while doing exercises in division...

Oh dear! This is so hard...

Ma, I want to eat... (asked for a serving of igado and rice and finished a plateful though he's done with dinner already)...

(After eating...) Ohhhhh....

Then I observed...a picture of Rianne was displayed in front of the DVD player, looks at it, then answer one problem, looks at the tv, then looks at Rianne's picture again.

Oh Rhyss!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Lord, I have been through so much. I am sorry if I keep on forgetting how faithful you are to have carried me through all the seasons in my life.

Thank you God for reminding me that You have a great plan for me, and that You desire the best for me. Thank you for calling me the apple of your eye. Thank you for loving me so much despite my iniquities and imperfections.

Yes God, I won't allow myself to be affected by an anthill. I know that your grace is more than sufficient for me.

Thank you for helping me climb mountains and for helping me reach the apex of every mountain unscathed.

Indeed Lord, you are faithful. Thank you for your promise that you're going to fight for me and stand up for me.

Yes God, I will be still and know that You are an awesome God.