Thursday, August 30, 2007


I don't like it. Why are some people so insensitive? Can't they understand it?
Do I need to tell them and remind them all the time that I am grieving?!?!
How dare them tell me they have sleepless nights thinking and working over my Mama's case...What do they think? What do they know? Do they mean to say, I am having sweet sleep at night, go out feeling safe, happy?

She is my mother. I am the daughter. How long did they work and live with my Mom? They only came to know about her when she got killed. Do they have memories together?!?!?

I am also having sleepless nights. I cry all the time. I think of her all the time. Every part of me cries out for her. I miss her so much. I LOST MY MOM. MY SISTER AND I ARE NOW ORPHANED...

Do they think I am happy? I do not even feel safe anymore. They usually shrug off threats...then what?!?! I get paranoid every time somebody knocks at our gate, everytime somebody is sitting at the waiting shade texting, everytime somebody stare at me on the jeep, everytime somebody sells something to me...what? Does it even matter to them if I receive texts from people I do not know? What?

Stop forcing me to do the things I do not like. The last time you forced me to do something I do not want to do, my blood pressure went up for three days...did you care?

Stop forcing me to do the things I do not like. The last time you forced me to do something I do not want to do, my cellphone never ceased to receive texts from people I do not know...did you care?

Much as I want to attain justice for my Mom, I also want my peace. I also want the safety of the people who matters to me...

Another death in the family is unbearable...

Stop calling me. Stop forcing me to attend all those... it never did me good.

Am I the source of evidences? Am I the source of documents? Am I the source of information?

What do I have to tell the people? I AM SAD. I AM GRIEVING. I MISS MY MOTHER. I WANT THE GUNMAN AND THE PERSON BEHIND THIS PUT IN JAIL. From August 6, 2007 until now, that is what I feel. Do I need to tell everyone everyday? remind them everyday?

Please, some respect!!!

I thank you for all the efforts to pin down the culprits. But I am not the investigator. I have my life too. I have to move on. And if you really care enough, then you should also learn to at least protect us...give us time to grieve also. Just give me time to at least put things into track...

Of course I am grateful for all the efforts. But please!!!

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