Friday, October 26, 2007

Do I really have to?

Press conference?
I don't like it. For what?
Tell everyone I am grieving?
What for? Tell them Mama's death was politically motivated?
What else do I have to tell them?
That no lawyer would want to take on the case because they are afraid?
That whoever is interested to take on the case, is, in one way or the other, connected with the mastermind?
What else do people want to know, that they want to hear directly from me?

This is the only thing I want to say right now, and it is better if I don't go to those press conferences:

I am so disgusted. I am so the highest level.
They do not deserve their salary.
The "honorable" attached to their name should be "DISHONORABLE".
The title they worked so hard to get for eight long years, they do not deserve to have. Money is all that they wanted.
The system needs overhauling.

One day, soon...all their riches will be mine.
All that they have now, all they are holding on to right now, will go to nothing. It will be thrown in the pit.
One day, soon...they will realize, all power belongs to God.
Justice and vindication is in God's hands.

I will wait on God's justice and vindication.

I don't want to attend press conferences.
I don't want to attend rallies.

What for?
Forgiving everyday is already a struggle.
Get real.

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