Friday, January 11, 2013

Rhyss and Arnis

Rhyss, are you still going to practice arnis? 
Yes, I will go tomorrow. 
Oh, ok. 
They might say, "nakakuha lang siya ng medal di na siya bumalik. Kumpleto pa naman ang gamit niya, sayang."

Rhyss' newest passion.

His very first competition was in December.

Mama, I am so ashamed na yata.  I am the only one here with a complete family watching me. 
Why, aren't you glad, we're all here to watch you and cheer for you? 
So shameful kaya mama.

Ate, is he representing the school? (My sister asking)
No. I just brought him here because he likes it.
Sino ngay ti coach na? 

And during the fight, his stick fell down (which is a violation...if your stick falls three times, you're out of the game already).  Oh, and yes, I almost shouted, that's okay baby!!!! you can do it!!!  Good thing I was able to restrain myself. Otherwise, I will be banned for a lifetime to watch him play.

And yes, he wants to join the Panagbenga Arnis Competition.  And yes, will support him all the way.  But I can't promise not to be the stage mom that I am.  Anything for my favorite 11 year old boy!

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