Saturday, January 12, 2013

Baguio City is really the home of honest taxi drivers!

This morning was not the first time I left something in a taxi.  I experienced dropping my cellphone and then nada.  It was different today.  The one I left cannot be replaced immediately...the documents of my brother in law that I am supposed to have signed by any of Daddy's doctors.  I was in a rush - from SLU Hospital, to Pines City Hospital, to AMDC and  I was supposed to go back to SLU then to Sto. Nino.

But I stopped first at AMDC, and made a call nearby to BGH.  After making the call, I realized, the documents were missing.  I rushed back to AMDC.  The Security Guard told me, a taxi driver came to return some documents but he returned it just the same because he cannot find Charlton anywhere in the building.  Of course he couldn't! Because he was never in the building.  I got so relieved when he gave me the number and yes, to make the story short, I got the papers back!!!

And yes, Tonton, if you ever get to read this, I almost jeopardized your 15 days vacation.  Thank God for working on my behalf.  And yes, I am so grateful to Rudy Diamas, the taxi driver who returned it.  And yes, I am so grateful I am from this city.

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