Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dear Ate Marife,

While walking Aaron home from school yesterday, he reminded me about the Terry Fox run (which is today).

He went on to tell me the story about Terry Fox. A Canadian athlete who did a cross-Canada run to raise awareness and funds for Cancer research.  He did this with his right leg amputated due to a malignant tumor.

I thought, his story will end there. He remembered you. How you also battled Cancer with so much grace and with so much strength.

I guess, he knows you are so alike in many ways - cancer, passion, and the things you do for the causes that you believe in. Only a handul would know how the Run for Hope started - from your Social Marketing class, an idea from your student in your brainstorming session. And it came to pass. And it became a tradition in the very institution you have dedicated your life to after more than 15 years with the government.

Thank you for being an example of being selfless, for being a servant leader, and just working in the sidelines, without even a hint or a desire for recognition. Just a lot of fun and so much commitment to the causes you believe in.

Today, my boys are running (not a cross country run, but in their schools), remembering and missing you. I didn't know, until yesterday, how they can be stirred also for causes with respect to Cancer because of you.

We are singing the Terry Fox run song with so much fun, but with so much emotion too. My boys and I terribly miss you.

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