Saturday, August 06, 2016

Today, August 6, 2016, I honor two women who loved and cared about me so much. Remembering them so dearly, and missing them still every day.

Ate Marife with my son Aaron
Ate Marife, a friend who stood by me through thick and thin; who selflessly gave her time, and gave up celebrating her birthday just to be with my sister and I on that fateful day of August 6, 2007.  The Ate who saw me through, who cheered me up, and lovingly corrected me when I am wrong. The Ate who willingly shared everything she has with me. A friend who knows so well how is it to be orphaned and how important it is to have a family.

She should be celebrating her 50th today. She must have been excited to be called golden girl. 

Mama with my son Rhyss
My Mom, whose life was taken away by somebody I do not even know. Where her only desire is for her to travel, dance, and spoil everyone she loves. A doting grandmother who wants to be called Mommy, and the mother that we so much adore. Her quiet strength and demeanor and her willingness to forgive no matter how hurt she may have been, made it easier for me to let go. It's 9 years now, the mastermind still unknown and the gunman eventually died in jail. But her voice still echoes, "bay-amon anak ko." 

Two women I hold dear. On the same day, my friend's birth and my mom's death. How will I ever forget August 6? 

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