Friday, October 09, 2015

I love surprises!

My teenager asked, "Mama, did Papa ever surprise you?"

I paused. I could have blurted out, YES! But I didn't, because I have to look back at the many instances my husband did. 

Before we got married, he surprised me with his presence on my birthday. That was totally unexpected because he has given up spending Christmas with his family and chose to spend it with me. 

The little surprises he gave - flowers under his sleeve or on top of our closet, chocolates waiting for me elsewhere in the house, a letter (which he seldom gives). It's the little things really that I enjoy the most. 

And of course, the Valentine's date we've had before he left to work abroad. 

I guess, my children took after him. My boys are the sweetest. They too are full of surprises. It is always a delight coming home to them. Sometimes, I get a candlelight dinner prepared by my teen, my clothes prepared by my toddler. A letter tucked in my bag. Sometimes toys secretly placed inside my bag which eventually gives me a smile when I discover them later on.

It's the little things that makes a memory. And it's the little surprises that creates so much memories. 

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