Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Rianne!

Today is my one and only sister's birthday...
my only family left as Rhyss said last Monday.
At 28, she has gone through a lot...
She turned 18 without a blastful celebration,
but she never complained about it. Guess where and how she spent it!

Now at 28, she has matured sooo much;
Ten years after, her strength, peace and joy is unequalled.
Grace, that's what it is.
Faith, that's what keeps her going.
Love, that's what moves her.

Rianne, my ading that I am so proud of...
Next to God, my biggest source of strength.
The very best friend I ever had.

1 comment:

eclair said...

aaaaaw... kaka touch naman o!!
Happy Birthday Rianne. More birthdays to come!!!!