Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Over the weekend

  • I had some kind of a heart to heart talk with my Auntie Reina. Was so good to hear from her that he looked up to my Papa when she was still a little girl. Yes, my Papa was an alcoholic but he was the best Father ever - he came home early, cooked for Rianne and I, went to market, washed clothes, fetched water. And yes, he was the sweetest dad ever!
  • Cried over some crap, but hey! done is done said Carlo. Okay! Love is love is love is love. And God is the third strand of my marriage. And God sees everything and knows all things. And the Lord will fight for me. :)
  • First time Carlo and I brought Rhyss with us for my monthly check-up. Manong Rhyss got so excited, he told "everything" to Dr. Dumaup!!!
  • Missed my Mama so much. Miss my sister so much.
  • Hearing went well. All in my Mom's favor. Yey!!!
  • Manipon family had breakfast with the Babaran family. It was really fun. And we hope we can do it again. Next time, John Hay na sana talaga. Hehehe
  • Cooked so much. Hmmm. Therapeutic pala ang pagluluto. I will do it more often. Especially with Carlo and Rhyss always saying - wow! mama! ang sarap!!!
  • I ate plenty of chicheria, drink plenty of Coke!!! Yeah right! Bawal. But auntie Reina said, I can eat and drink basta I drink plenty of water. Hehehe

All in all, I had a fun, stressful, delightful, dramatic, enjoyable and worth remembering weekend!

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