Thursday, June 28, 2007


I have been working for (or with) the government since 1998. Coming from an NGO, it was totally a different "thing" for me to work for the government - organizational culture, system, process, etc.

My first exposure was in the LGU. They're nice people. But you can never get away with politics. They question your every move, why you got an appointment, who's backing you is like being in a small community.

Then I joined a national line agency. I wanted to back out then because there were so many intrigues. I was a neophyte, with so-so months of experience. There are staff who spent most of their lives with the organization and believed so much that they are the best for the position but never wanted to go to neverland...'was assigned to neverland, where people did not want Ilocanos and other races, where the "law of the land" will call you "kulityagang" (meaning moron, doesn't know anything, someone who has no respect, and all kinds of stuff you wouldn't want yourself being called) if you are not from neverland (but calls Ilocanos racist, bias, lookest down on them. Blah! the irony!). Hey, they even passed resolutions to evict me from neverland. Name it, they had it. (But of course, they could not evict me anymore because I got married with someone from neverland. Haha! And the "law of the land" my husband calls grandparents.)

Now that was my past experience...

Now I'm 8 years old in government service.

I have seen the best and the worst.

I got so disappointed recently. Imagine someone applying for a supervisory position, taking the exam for granted, undergoing interview texting and ending up with a comment like being the victim? Whaaaat?

Then coming up with all the accommodations so as to meet the minimum point requirement, then misinterpreting it to be "pagpapahirap". Whaaat?

...then spreading it to people who, obviously, do not believe in what the committee stands for.

When you do something right, they misinterpret it to be wrong. When you do something wrong, either they adore you or you get a complaint.

But how far will you go to get the position you want? That when disgruntled, unprofessionalism surfaces, "personalan" creeps in.

What I am pointing out now is, in the government, there should be a clear system and procedure in promotion and selection. The appointing head should not harass the committee specially if it is implementing the process accordingly.

Dissapointing really.

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