Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rhyss, the bearer of good tidings

Anak, your ninang is getting married already.

Really? Why, they like to stay together forever na?

Yes. How did you know that?

Because I know it.

I will go but you stay here at home, ok?

Why, I will not (hums the wedding march and acts out as ring bearer)?

No baby, because ninang has nephews like you.

Why, she doesn't like to get me?

No anak, but ninang has nephews who will

do the part.


1 comment:

eclair said...

What a cute little darling, my godson Rhyss! So innocent yet so full of wisdom. I envy Kit for she is the mother of such bright boy. A very lovable kid, Rhyss never ceases to be his mom's apple of the eye. (and mine too! though i don't get to see him and be with him that often.) I'm surprised at how he remembers my name and knows that I'm his ninang. I give all the credit to his parents, especially his mom. From whom he gets all the wisdom (without prejudice to Carlo, I hope). Well, i'm just commenting, and this is my point of view! Right KIt? Well, I commend you with high praises for raising a wonder boy! Good luck Rhyss! May you continue to be the son your mom wants you to be.