Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oh Rhyss!

Things I will never forget about my baby:

In Nursery, they were asked to do some chores in school. Holding a broom, he called for Anie who was waiting for him. "Anie, can you help me?" Then Teacher Flamcy saw him calling for Anie and immediately went back inside the classroom.


There was a spare 3310 at home. We told him it's his, so we can call him. One afternoon, when Anie was fixing his beret before going to school, the cellphone fell down from his head. He literally hid the cellphone in his beret! "What's this Rhys?" asked Anie. Then he said, "Oh its there? I forgot to remove it!"


It was 9:30 in the evening. "I'm hungry again!" "Don't eat anymore," I said. "You're going to bed already. Just drink your milk." "I don't like milk." "Then drink water." "But I can't chew the water!"


"Rianne, you call me when you have a problem, ok? But not in my cellphone. Call me in Caba. "


Rhyss, you did not give your offering?

No, because if I give it, I don't have money anymore.

You have! That's your offering, you should have given it. Anak, if you give to God, it will be given back to you a hundred fold.

But I don't have money.

You have anak.

(Then I showed him his bankbook where he has his name on it.)

Uh! That's my name! I thought don't have. Ok ma, I give it next Sunday.


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