Friday, May 27, 2016

Bittersweet. That's what it is.
Leaving behind foggy hills in exchange for snow capped mountains
Coats and snow boots instead of rain coats and plastic boots
Train rides from jeepney rides
And my list can go on and on
The food...yes, the food!
The Ilocana in me will always long for dinengdeng, pinapaitan, frog, padas, bagoong
The acculturated Igorota in me will always long for pinikpikan, etag, and home made fruit wine

But I am also excited with what God has in store for me and my family
You're going to a land of milk and honey, they say
Promised land?
And I'd say, my promised land is not where I am going
But my promised land is a sweet and happy marriage, a complete family
Because that is my inheritance, the only thing I desired and claimed since day 1
I fought for it long and hard...
and I tell you, it is the most difficult battle.
But, it also is where I say, victory was sweetest...
a conquered promise.

But with all the memories I will be bringing with me,
I am also looking forward to building more memories
The crackly brown leaf
Walkway lined up with trees - from green leaves to orange to brown
Until they're no more...and eventually, become green again.
A fascination I had since childhood
Picket fences painted white, lined up with flowers
Dandelions, parks, lakes, fishing

Indeed, there is a time for everything
And God made all things beautiful in His time.

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