Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I want to climb mountains with you
Hold on to you when the road is steep
Allow you to lead me when it gets difficult,
and walking alone becomes hard.

I want to discover places with you
Ride the tides with you
Then, will I hold on to your arms,
when the waves become unbearable for me.

I want to laugh with you
Be crazy around you
Just be myself
without fear of rejection

I want to experience once again
the calmness of the sunset
the hope of sunrise
I never cease fascinated by both

I want to experience all the changing seasons
The smell of rain, the sun, the snow
I want to see the colors of spring
The leaves in autumn

Yes, I want to be fascinated again
Be amazed,
be surprised
be awed

I know I can be
Because I know
I am complete in you
and that alone is enough reason for me to be.

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