Friday, October 31, 2014

My knight in shining armor

I have so much work lately, no full time help, my husband out of the country, and my youngest sick. It was  like juggling all my roles altogether.  I felt so physically tired, emotionally burdened, and stressed. With that guilty feeling of leaving my children all on their own, my 13 year old taking care of his sick 5 year old brother while all his friends are on a grand vacation playing HOC.

My body finally gave in to  too much stress the other day. But my teenager just allowed me to sleep and rest, never complained, and took care of his ading even if it means depriving himself of sleep also. He waited until the schedule of his ading to take his medicine, and willingly administered his "banyos" because our little boy was still very hot at that time.

I am blessed to have a teenager as responsible as my son. So I will not anymore fear if he talks about how excited he is with being a teenager, with his adam's apple starting to show.

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