Monday, July 07, 2014

Of sensitivity and compassion

If you cannot think of anything to say, better not say anything. 

I feel so much offended when people who are not close to me (and sometimes even those who I think are close to me) starts talking about my Mama's case with so much fanfare, asks me how the case went and start giving their comments, like it's just somebody they have read from the tabloids.  

Oftentimes I wish, I can slap them and remind them it's my Mama they are talking about, and no matter how many years passed, losing her in that manner is still one of most painful experience I had to go through.

Choosing to be quiet though, is still the best thing to do. 

Knowing sorrow allows you to value joy. Going through difficult times gives you the courage to face anything with faith.  Experiencing pain allows you to choose peace.  Working on your lot, fully trusting God, gives you more compassion towards others.

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