Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yes, I feel like a super mom!

It started with my eldest son's Pugad Adventure with me on field. 
He came home with a mug and a key chain. 
Ma, I got this for you.  It was fun there.  Sayang, you and ading were not able to make it.  

Guilty mother syndrome! But yes, I felt like I was in 7th Heaven with his thoughtfulness. 

Hey son, are you proud of me (a question made in jest)? 
Because you are doing everything you can for me and ading (I did not really expect a quite serious reply).

And today, while waiting for my turn in the salon, I asked him to buy an envelope...
Ma, here, I bought two, just in case...
I opened the long brown envelope, and to my surprise, a Mother's Day Card for me!

Kilig much!

Can't help but be grateful how God has given me such wonderful and thoughtful children.  
I feel so rewarded despite all the "am I a failure mom?" lie that kept on playing in my head for how many weeks.  

It really takes grace to be a parent. And thank God for He molding me and teaching me constantly to be the best mom to two wonderful boys. 


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