Sunday, November 04, 2012

Oh Dear!

My bees (that is how I call my two adorable boys), aged 11 and 3, are the most thoughtful and sweetest boys I've ever known.  Our bed, for some reason, was giving up already.  My husband is currently in another country working. So we are left on our own to mend a "broken bed."

Saturday night when I was fixing the bed,  I found out that it was sagging all the more.  Only to find out yesterday morning that my two boys fixed the bed. They got the hammer and tried to fix it like how their Papa would have done it.  But alas! they were not really able to fix the broken bed.

But then again, as I reflected, I was so honored and so happy that my boys would really take time to do  something extraordinary to help and give me a surprise.

Kids are really a blessing.  And I really have to thank God everyday that I wake up being embraced and hugged by the most wonderful boys!

And yes,  I am praying, that they stay sweet and happy, with the right fear of the Lord, loving God above else, and growing in faith.        

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