Friday, May 07, 2010

I thank God for my near-perfect childhood. I was blessed to be raised by two wonderful people who taught me how to love simply by letting me feel loved. I will be forever grateful to these two people who gave their all for me and my sister. I thank them for teaching me and my sister to be always there for each other no matter what. I thank God for I learned responsibility and hard work by the examples that they have set. I praise God for giving me Mama and Papa who taught me how is it to be a parent - the greatest legacy that they have left.

Today, I just want to honor my Mama and Papa who have devoted their lives for me and my sister. I have seen how their lives revolved around me and Rianne, and how they have given their all for us. I will always miss my Papa's sweetness. It is from him that I learned that saying I love you need no special occasion. I will always miss and admire my Mama's silence and courage. Two different people...imperfect...but has so much complimented each other.

I will always love you Mama and Papa. I miss you both so much.

Happy Mothers' Day Ma. You're the best Mom ever!

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