Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some people are just so insensitive

Second person that I want to hit right on in the face.
She's giving an account of a "doctor" who allegedly saw my Mom on the day she died.
Apparently, the doctor who claimed to be there during that fateful day told her that my mom's color was already that of an ash and no longer has any blood on her body.
Where was that doctor? Did she get down on her car? Did she take vital signs of my mom? Did she touch her?
And this stupid girl still insists of the account of the doctor because she's a doctor because she knows the color of dead people.
Bleh! Did they see my mom when I saw her in the morgue?
Then out of sheer stupidity, this girl, who obviously don't know when to stop still asked how the case was going.
So I told her - I don't like to talk about it. (and I wanted to add, I don't want to discuss any single detail with you).

Obviously she is not my friend. A friend will never debate about the color of a dead woman...especially if she's my mother.

The first one was a lawyer.
I was there in the street during that day. I saw how nobody moved to help.
How about you? Did you help? What did you do? You did not even take on the case, coward!

Oh, and I failed to mention. There's a third one -
The one who claimed a 2 year old girl said -
"papatayin ko silang lahat" (referring to those involved in the killings)
Yeah right!!! My son, the closest to my Mom, did not even think about that.
Clever. Clap! Clap! Clap!

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