Thursday, September 03, 2009

The contraption called ankle support

I got a bad case of sprain yesterday, where I literally heard the krek krek krek on my left foot.
I woke up this morning with a swollen left ankle that made it hard for me to wake up.
Carlo brought me to the doctor...ortho.
The doctor then held my left foot, stretch, twist, stretch, twist. Showed us a big book with ligaments and tendons and bones and explained it so well why I twisted my ankle.
Then he brought out what he called ankle support.
So I said, ok ok ok. I like it. hmmm...looks like it will cost me only less than a thousand.
Ok, so next...
I showed him my right foot. I complained about the pain in my "dapan" (whatever you call it)
Then he said, it is most painful in the morning. Yes, yes, yes
He knocked it. Ouch, ouch, ouch
You know iha, this blah (I can't pronounce it, can't even memorize it) is most common to middle aged people and number 2, overweights.
Yeah right! I'm not middle I overweight? blah! Whatever!!!
I can't give you medicine. You said you're breastfeeding. Yes doctor. So how about it?
I can inject something. How much? How much Deb (referring to his secretary)
P1800 for the medicine, and P400 for the professional fee. Ok, I will come back on Saturday.
For the left foot, P2,900 all in all.
What a price for calling me overweight, eh?
Now I feel better. I have to. This contraption on my left foot has to work. Otherwise...
Otherwise I will just go back to the gym.

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