Tuesday, February 12, 2008

my thoughts

I have this book - "How to forgive when you don't feel like it"...Rhyss saw it. After reading the title said, "Ma, I like this book! So, this is what you and Rianne did to the one who killed mommy?!?". I hope Rhyss will learn that it is through God's grace that we forgive and love.

"Ni, di met makapagnan toy umay mangbisita knyak", Lola Febe on Lola Nena when Lola Nena and Lolo Ben visited her at home. Lola is weak, can't eat, on dextrose and already wearing diaper because it is hard for her to get up already but she still thinks properly. She's still very much interested on news, current events, the goings on in my life, Rhyss' and Rianne's. My prayer is that she will not feel any pain. She's 87, turning 88 on May 18. Thank God there is Auntie Edna, Auntie Reina, Sheldy, Auntie Iling, Auntie Belen, Irwin and Flor, Auntie Virgie, and friends.

I am Felicidad Picar's panganay. I did not get the green bag we submitted with still Mama's things intact. That green bag is missing. They don't know where it went after it was examined in the crime lab. It walked on its own?

Seven year itch, spiced by pictures in Kyria's site, Zariah aka Carla, "coffee bonding" at Ionic Cafe, lying, nagging, finger-pointing, betrayal. One time we were watching, Rhyss told Carlo, Papa, you're "Palos" (the new soap in ABS-CBN)!. "Really, why, is he gwapo, is he smart and brave too?" I asked. Papa is Palos...PALUSOT! I have nothing to do with it, ok?

I'm so sick and tired of politics in the office. I'm not happy now. I know, I can do more, I can do better than what they are asking me to do. I want to manage my own business. I want to be an event's coordinator.

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