Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Kalinga Experience

I had fun and adventure in Kalinga. I don't know how to swim, I don't even know how to fact, I am afraid of the water.
This was our boat - "Allasiw". I was with the best paddlers and swimmers, that there was really no need for me to paddle but hold on and pray hard that I will not fall down. Thanks to Sir Rene, Kuya Jun, Ma'am Marlyn and our tour guides, Kuya John and "Marine" (I forgot to get his name. But I will call him "Marine" because he graduated as seaman).
The boat almost flipped three times. I couldn't talk. I could not even shout...I don't know how many rapids we had to hurdle. Too many times, I asked our guides if we were already halfway through, if there was another way out, if there was a motor boat where I don't need to paddle and row.
But I am really so grateful, we went through the 3-hour rafting experience without falling, tripping, etc. Two boats flipped. The first group fell down but were able to climb back. A second group fell down, some hit the rocks, got hurt; while some drank to much water from the Chico River. Good for me, I was not able to see it (Good for us, we were saving the paddles from the first boat that fell down). But all went well and everybody enjoyed and treasured the experience. Some really wanted to give up and walk but there was really no way out but continue rafting.
That was some experience!!! But I learned what teamwork is with the experience; following the right instructions, listening to the leader, being united and obedience.
I enjoyed the experience the way I enjoyed entering the caves of Sagada...but in the process, I really miss sharing it with my Mom.

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